Made from scratch, fresh, never frozen desserts.


We understand the challenges of running a restaurant.  While an eating establishment can bevery good in most areas baking can be a challenge. 


We visit area restaurants often and constantly hear thattheir desserts are shipped in from Manhattan or other parts of thecountry.  It all means onething…FROZEN!  We all know whathappens to the integrity of food once it is frozen, its never the same.


Its quite frankly the foundation of our business model.  Never compromise quality and use thetop ingredients to create world-class delectable’s. 


It is why Euro Delights, LLC will be offering our uniquecakes and desserts to only SELECT restaurants in the area.  Understand, it is not our goal to massproduce our product.  It is ourgoal to get customers to come to your establishment because of the incredibledesserts that you will be offering. 


We believe it can be a significant competitive advantage andcan increase your customer flow and their satisfaction.


Our business concept is simple, provide fresh made fromscratch cakes and treats to compliment your dishes and satisfy your customers.


We look forward to consulting with you to compliment yourmenu and “Euroly Delight” your customers.