Made from scratch, fresh, never frozen desserts.


We understand the challenges of running a restaurant.  While an eating establishment can bevery good in most areas baking can be a challenge. 


We visit area restaurants often and constantly hear thattheir desserts are shipped in from Manhattan or other parts of thecountry.  It all means onething…FROZEN!  We all know whathappens to the integrity of food once it is frozen, its never the same.


Its quite frankly the foundation of our business model.  Never compromise quality and use thetop ingredients to create world-class delectable’s. 


It is why Euro Delights, LLC will be offering our uniquecakes and desserts to only SELECT restaurants in the area.  Understand, it is not our goal to massproduce our product.  It is ourgoal to get customers to come to your establishment because of the incredibledesserts that you will be offering. 


We believe it can be a significant competitive advantage andcan increase your customer flow and their satisfaction.


Our business concept is simple, provide fresh made fromscratch cakes and treats to compliment your dishes and satisfy your customers.


We look forward to consulting with you to compliment yourmenu and “Euroly Delight” your customers.

Sunday Brunch

Belgian Waffles ( Fluffy Belgian waffle topped with a fruit medley and whipped cream. ) $8.99

French Toast ( golden French Toast  with cinnamon whipped cream. ) $7.99
-Fruit topping is an additional 1.50

Omelette ( fluffy omelette filled with choice of any two of the following mushrooms, tomato, turkey, ham, cheese.  $8.99
Any additional topping ) $1.50

Finish crepe (Plaetti) ( 3 crepes Filled with home made fruit compote topped with whipped cream.) $8.99

Susie's Frittata Combo- (Ham Broccoli and cheese with two fruit filled Crepes.) $9.99

Finish Oven pancakes- with fruit compote and homemade whipping cream. $8.99

Side of home fries- with or without onions $2.49

Vermont maple sausage-4 links of delicious maple Vermont sausage $2.99

Sunday brunch is served from 10am until 1pm.


Mocha cakes ( layers of moist chocolate cake divided only by a light mocha mousse covered in a chocolate ganache ). 5.99

Cheesecake. ( delicious creamy cheesecake with or without selected fresh fruit in bedded in a sour cream vanilla topping.). 5.99

fruit tarts ( buttery tart shell filled with a selection of fruit layered on top of a cream cheese filling). 4.99

Carrot cake (4 layer Carrot cake , filled and frosted with a delicious cream cheese frosting.). 5.99

Single Apple pies. ( home made pie crust filled with freshly cut apples and spices, topped with a brown sugar caramel crumb topping with side of cinnamon whipped cream.) 4.99

Peanut cookie whoopi pies. ( 2 soft Peanut butter and oatmeal cookies filled with a peanut butter mousse) 2.49

Macaroons ( Coconut Macaroons dipped in chocolate) 2.00

Coconut balls ( chocolate cupcake filled with peanut butter or chocolate mousse rolled in a cream cheese frosting and covered with toasted coconut)5.99

Tiramisu ( delicious vanilla custard with mascarpone , layered with home made Ladyfingers brushed with a mixture of coffee and coffee liqueur, topped with chocolate flakes). 5.99

Chocolate mousse ( home made chocolate mousse layered with a berry mixture and topped with freshly whipped cream) 5.99

Key lime cake ( Four layer butter cake divided and topped with a lime flavor cream) 5.99

Caramel chocolate bars ( soft chocolate chip , oatmeal cookie bars baked with chopped walnuts and topped with a caramel drizzle) 2.49

Cannelloni. ( crispy cannelloni shell filled with a creamy ricotta and chocolate filling). 2.49

Cream Puffs ( choux pastry filled with a vanilla custard and drizzled with chocolate). 1.79

Euro Delights

Welcome to Skippack’s little corner of Europe.  We specialize in made from scratch delectables that will let you escape, if only for a moment, to a quaint spot along the Riviera.

Our bakery features fresh Tiramisu, Chocolate Mocha Grenache Tortes, Cannolis, Cheesecake, German Apple Pie, Cream Puffs, Black Forrest Tortes and more.  All created from the freshest/hand-selected ingredients on premises.  Enjoy your dessert with a fresh cup of our gourmet coffee in the Tuscan atmosphere of our cozy eatery.

For lunch, our Café features Paninis made from our fresh bakery Brioche buns, Flat Bread Pizza, Euro salads and homemade soups.  Ahhh … soup!   If you enjoy custom soups you will be lost in our authentic recipes.  French Onion, the way it was meant to be served, German Potato like no other, hearty Lentil many more - depending on our specials (our selection changes daily) - all served with fresh French Bread.

Stop in Sunday for brunch to enjoy an authentic European breakfast including Omelets, Belgian Waffles, Gourmet French Toast, and Finnish Crepes (Plaetti).  Uniquely crafted with the finest ingredients and served in our intimate dining area … you’ll swear you were whisked away to your own private villa on the Mediterranean and served a breakfast fit for royalty.

You’ll find our Café to be a vacation for your taste buds, as our delicacies entice, gratify and simply explode with flavor.  We are excited to show you what we’re made of and thank you for being part of our home.

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